Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a consultation?

First, you will complete a patient history form detailing all relevant information.

Then an assessment is performed. This is based on posture (standing still) and exercises (movements) around the area(s) causing pain. This enables the clinician to work out the body’s restrictions.

Palpitation of the muscles is performed to detect where the pain is originating and to identify which treatment techniques will offer the best results.

As every patient is different, treatment techniques will be tailored to the patient’s needs.

After treatment a reassessment is performed to demonstrate a decrease in pain and an increase in range of movement. All clients leave a session with extensive amounts of advice around postural cues, things to avoid (condition aggravators) and corrective home exercises to help quicken rehabilitation.

Do I need a referral to see a myotherapist?

No a referral is not required.

Can i claim with Medicare or private health?

We are recognized by most private health insurance companies. We advise you to check with your private health fund if you are unsure or wish to know how much cover you receive.

Mend and Maintain has HICAPS. HICAPS is an electronic health claiming and payments system that lets you process your claim on the automatically after your treatment. Bring your private health insurance card with you and after your treatment we will swipe the card through the HICAPS terminal and you will only need to pay the difference.

For Example:

Consultation fee: $80.00

Private Healh Cover: $39.00

You Pay: $41.00

Are you work cover approved?

No. We are not registered for work Cover Claims.

What do i wear to a myotherapy appointment?

You can wear anything you like to the appointment. Please be aware that you may have to disrobe garments based on the area being treated.

You will never be asked to remove underwear. however if you have any pain in you gluteal (bottom), front of the thigh or groin it is preferable that you wear loose or high cut underwear as opposed to long/ boyleg style as we may need to hike the underwear over your hipbone to access the attachment of the muscle.

It is preferable if you do not wear a razorback or cross over top if you are experiencing pain anywhere from lower back to neck as we may need to do hands treatment on between the shoulder and the straps can get in the way, if you have one on you may be asked to remove the top in privacy and you will be covered with a towel.

What do i wear to Pilates?

It is advised to wear active wear fitted leggings and tops and you will be required to wear pilates grip socks which can be purchased from Mend and Maintain. These socks allow you to complete exercises safely without slipping.

What is the difference between clinical mat pilates and a standard mat pilates class?

Clinical mat pilates classes are tailored to the individual and designed to address injuries and imbalances within the body using appropriate pilates exercise prescription with clinical evidence based exercises combined with a whole body holistic balanced outcome.

Standard Mat classes are not individualized and all participants complete the same exercises together through the class. These classes are more suitable to participants who do not have any pressing injuries or complaints.

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