Certified McKenzie Method Therapist

Registered with McKenzie Institute Australia & International

The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) was developed in New Zealand by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie and continues to be practiced, internationally, 30 years later. MDT is used to successfully treat back, neck and extremity problems and is one of the most researched physical-therapy based methods available.

What Can Be Treated?

As an MDT clinician Ashlee is trained to assess and diagnose all areas of the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints or muscles). She will perform an initial assessment to determine the cause before issuing a treatment plan based around her knowledge of daily activities and lifestyle. Expensive tests such as MRI’s are often unnecessary. Certified MDT clinicians can determine whether the method will be effective for each patient.

MDT can treat the following:

  • Sciatica
  • Arthritic pain in hips or buttocks, shoulders or upper arms.
  • Difficulty bending due to stiffness or pain in your lower back.
  • Pain that starts in the back or neck and seems to spread to the buttocks or shoulders.
  • Intermittent pins and needles or numbness in the feet or hands.
  • Pain in the elbows or knees that hasn’t been assisted by treatment to these areas.


Mia Soper

Elwood Myotherapy is amazing. I feel so lucky to have found Ashlee. She is knowledgeable beyond belief and extremely easy to be around. Her myotherapy makes it possible for me to chase 3 kids around, and maintain an exercise routine while managing 15 years of back issues.


I am so grateful to my boss for recommending Ashlee to me after the effects of Chemotherapy and an associated chest infection had left me practically bed ridden for months. Loss of muscle strength, stiffness and pain in both my legs, back and neck made it very difficult to function on a daily basis. Migraines were becoming a problem. Plus I’d managed to injure my shoulder painting the kitchen while I was sick! I was feeling 100 years old! Ashlee’s knowledge, professionalism and dedication to helping people is enabling me to get back to the pre-cancer me as much as is possible. I’m back at work, getting stronger each day and I’m feeling fantastic. I’d see Ashlee every day if I could!

Gerry Parncutt

I experienced chronic pain in the past but have not done so for some time now since receiving regular therapy from Ashlee. I now have unrestricted freedom of movement and confident agility for my age which has enabled me to extend my fitness to a level where I don’t break down with muscle cramps in my upper legs or spasms in the lower back, as I would have done in the past. It is apparent to me that Ashlee has the know-how to fix her patient’s problems.

Ashlee is without doubt a knowledgeable therapist who has demonstrated an unfailing ability to identify the true musculoskeletal problems causing the pain. Her remedial work is energetic, thorough and accompanied by a set of specific exercises focusing on problem areas. It’s clear to me that Myotherapists like Ashlee are the unsung heroes of the physical fitness industry.


I would recommend Ashlee to my family and friends. Ashlee is very professional, knowledgeable and experienced Myotherapist. I wish I had known about Ashlee earlier. As I have chronic lower back and hip issues for a few years. I have wasted time and money going to see a few physiotherapists with no improvement. Now after 2 months of treatment, and rehab exercises and helpful tips for better posture. I am more flexible. The constant ache I had going in and out of my car or standing up after sitting down has eased considerably. Ashlee also conversed with my Personal trainer to coordinate my mobility and exercise program which helped very much.

Jack Genesin

Having suffered from Sacroiliac Joint inflammation for several years, I was referred to Ashlee to help with my constant pain – not only to reduce pain, but to also be able to put together a comprehensive management plan. Ashlee is one of the most caring health professionals i have come across so far. She has a persistent motivation for coming up with a solution for her clients that cannot be rivalled. Highly recommend.

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