Our Services


Myotherapy uses a multifaceted and targeted approach to treat myofascial pain and dysfunction affecting everyday movement. A myotherapist aims to rehabilitate, correct and restore the integrity of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) to ensure optimal full-body function so you can enjoy life.

Mat Pilates

Ashlee offers small group mat Pilates classes (maximum of 4) to ensure her clients receive individual attention to detail. Warm up and cool downs are performed as a group followed by a guided individual program.

Back-To-Health Management

Ashlee works with clients on an individual basis developing non-generic management plans that promote the body’s innate self-healing system. She incorporates inflammation reduction, evidence-based exercise prescriptions, advice and lifestyle changes to ensure bodily health is restored. ‘I listen to my clients and work with their daily commitments and workplace demands to tailor a program to fit with their lives.’

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a focused hands on deep massage applied to contracted tissue. The strokes increase blood flow and lengthens tight muscles restoring them to their normal resting length.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses flushing techniques to quickly remove toxin build up pre and post sporting events. This aims to reduce inflammation to prevent injury from occuring.